The Tomorrow War is the cathartic summer action film we all need post-pandemic and wastes no time getting right to the story. We’re losing a war with aliens 30 years in the future, so time travelers have come back to draft us to save the planet from an extinction event that is kind of our fault. No surprise, all the pivotal characters have just the skills they need to save the world. Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) is a high school biology teacher and Iraq war veteran who wants to do more with his life. He’s got daddy issues with his badass, tech-savvy, airplane-fixing father James (J.K. Simmons), also a veteran. You bet that plane will come in handy. He also has raised a daughter who is a lot like him in good ways (scientist) and bad (daddy issues). But it doesn’t matter because this movie is a blast as long as you turn off your brain, ignore the enormous plot holes and hokey time-travel explanations about why they can’t just go back before the aliens came but can only return to this one spot, and accept that they will keep all the vital information at bay until the plot or characters necessitate it. Like most action film stars, Pratt’s character makes mostly bad decisions, placing the needs of saving one person over the survival of the species. But the film does a great job of just being fun and using time travel to tell a story about the generational regrets we hold on to in our families. And, unlike most action films, it has a satisfying and not-drawn-out climax.