The novel version of Eclipse was the strongest of the Twilight series, elevated by its melodramatic vampire/human/werewolf love triangle and the geeky, intricate world building of author Stephenie Meyer. Unfortunately the backstories are much less effective in this screen adaptation, whose plot is encumbered by an endless series of flashbacks (all complete with the requisite portentous music). The character arc of vampire Edward, from creepily controlling to generously respectful lover, is so rushed that it barely registers, leaving Robert Pattinson with little to do except look tense (and not particularly attractive). As werewolf Jake, Taylor Lautner does his best to salvage things by showing his bare chest through almost the entire movie, and the rest of the cast struggles gamely, but the script sucks the life out of them. This is definitely the worst installment of the franchise to date. David Slade directed; with Anna Kendrick.