A nicely subdued Kevin Hart stars in this American remake of the French hit Les Intouchables (2011), playing an ex-con who becomes caregiver to a wealthy quadriplegic despite having no experience in caregiving. Bryan Cranston plays the employer, and he and Hart develop an agreeable rapport in spite of Jon Hartmere’s hackneyed script, which abounds in cheap sentiment and telegraphs every emotional payoff far in advance. The leads aren’t just charismatic, but nuanced as well; Cranston makes sure not to let his character’s self-pity and physical helplessness define who he is, while Hart brings sly intelligence to what might have been a cliche role. Director Neil Burger, for his part, moves the story along fairly briskly, refusing to let the film’s schmaltziness weigh it down. This is nothing remarkable, but it could have been a lot worse. With Nicole Kidman and Golshifteh Farahani.