Much like making a movie, scheming is often done best when undertaken as a collaborative effort—these two worlds collide in this middling dark comedy from Oscar-winning Argentine writer-director Juan José Campanella (The Secret in Their Eyes). A remake of Jose A. Martínez Suarez’s 1976 film Yesterday’s Guys Used No Arsenic, it stars Graciela Borges (the lead in Lucrecia Martel’s La ciénaga) as a once-illustrious, now-faded star tormented by her longtime house guests, a pestiferous writer-director duo with whom she and her infirmed actor-painter husband worked in their heyday; they’ve become increasingly enmeshed with her husband, much to the old woman’s chagrin. She embraces the illusion of escape from her unconventional living situation when two young developers trick her into selling her regal (albeit crumbling) country estate, the attractive chiselers a formidable match for the actress’s wily, ersatz family unit. Not wishing to leave their comfortable arrangement, the three men of the house conspire to ward off the interlopers; along the way, deception and mysteries on both sides come to light. The premise is entertaining, especially with its sporadic moments of genuine macabre humor, and the central cast adds charisma where the narrative otherwise falls flat. In total, however, the filmmaking is often cheesy and rote, and it feels overly long compared to what it’s offering. In Spanish with subtitles.