Shot on the salt-covered islands of Iran’s Lake Urmia, Mohammad Rasoulof’s third feature (2009) follows a gruff loner in a rowboat and his stowaway as they travel from village to village, assisting the locals with obscure and sometimes brutal ceremonies that range from collecting tears in a glass flagon to pouring monkey urine into the eyes of a man won’t admit that the lake’s water is blue. Though the movie is dominated by ritual, the matter-of-fact approach keeps it from feeling willfully obscure. As in his earlier dramatic features, The Twilight (2002) and Iron Island (2005), Rasoulof has no interest in explaining how such a society came to be; the salt-caked whiteness and enigmatic cruelty of his Urmia exist chiefly as metaphoric material for his subtle brand of social and political pessimism. In Farsi with subtitles.