Animator Martha Colburn specializes in lurid collages of pop-culture imagery, and the maniacal energy of her short films helps to ameliorate their often heavy-handed politics. Colburn favors traditional 2D stop-motion, but her technique is both simpler than the norm (a low ratio of frames per second creates a herky-jerky rhythm) and more complex (she often works with three planes of moving images instead of just characters and background). Compulsive zooming adds to the sense of a tumbling, spastic world, whose crazed inhabitants include third-world dictators, dinosaurs, butterflies, and cultural touchstones from Martin Luther to Pee-wee Herman. Colburn will introduce this retrospective, which ranges from some of her earliest work (Evil of Dracula from 1998) to her most recent (Dolls vs. Dictators, screened for the press as a work in progress).