The Winter Lake offers a chilling character study. Depicting dreary day after dreary day, the film takes place in the Irish countryside, where Tom (Anson Boon) has just moved with his mother (Charlie Murphy). Their counterparts, Holly (Emma Mackey) and her father (Michael McElhatton), would in any other movie signal the start of a coming-of-age romantic comedy, à la Drive Me Crazy (1991), but The Winter Lake is a much darker affair. While Holly appears confident, a light in Tom’s new dark and cold world, there’s an underlying tension in the film that hints at something sinister lying just under the surface. Sure enough, there is. Holly has a secret, which Tom uncovers, setting in motion a violent confrontation with her father, who is determined to keep his family’s dysfunction hidden. Produced by the same team behind The Lodgers (2018), the film provides a similarly atmospheric look at familial obligation.