There have been plenty of werewolf movies, but incredibly, this is the first-ever remake of Universal’s 1941 horror classic The Wolf Man. Perpetually haunted Benicio Del Toro makes a suitable successor to Lon Chaney Jr. in the role of Lawrence Talbot, the innocent putz who survives a werewolf attack but then begins waking up in the morning with blood on his hands. Unfortunately screenwriters David Self (Road to Perdition) and Andrew Kevin Walker (Sleepy Hollow) have turned Talbot’s poignant relationship with his father (Claude Rains in the original) into something more sinister and pedestrian (with Anthony Hopkins phoning it in as the senior Talbot). But compared to Van Helsing (2004), Universal’s last exercise in high-decibel horror schlock, this is fairly satisfying, particularly a ghoulish episode in a Victorian insane asylum. Joe Johnston directed; with Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving. R, 103 min.