This Swiss-German coproduction (2009) documents the life of Svetlana Geier, a teacher and translator noted for her German editions of Dostoyevsky’s mammoth novels (the “five elephants” of the title). Born in Ukraine–where her father was a victim of Stalin’s 1938 political purges–Geier moved to Nazi Germany after Hitler invaded her homeland, and her skill at languages enabled her to survive World War II and its aftermath. When Geier is invited to Kiev to teach, director Vadim Jendreyko chronicles her bittersweet homecoming after a 65-year absence. This is a thought-provoking, unsentimental portrait of an extraordinary woman who has endured some of the most tragic events in world history, partly through her ability to differentiate between the politicians who lead nations to war and the artists who enrich their spirit. In German and Russian with subtitles.