Written and directed by Philippe Le Guay, this agreeable French comedy (2010) wears its class consciousness on its sleeve but functions primarily as bourgeois light entertainment (a quality it shares with the recent art-house hit Potiche and a great many other French exports). In the early 1960s, a middle-aged Parisian stockbroker (Fabrice Luchini) widens his social horizons through the relatively simple act of climbing to the top floor of his apartment building, where the wealthy residents’ Spanish maids (among them Carmen Maura) are modestly quartered. Naturally he falls in love with the youngest and most beautiful of them (Natalia Verbeke), and his silent longing begins to eat away at his relationship with his brusque wife (Sandrine Kiberlain). The grim reality of the maids’ lives under Franco manages to creep into the dialogue, but for the most part this functions as a male-menopause weepie, greatly assisted by Luchini’s gentle vulnerability. In French and Spanish with subtitles.