Matt Green, the curious subject of this simple yet sweeping documentary, is on a mission to walk every block of New York City’s five boroughs. He started this project, along with a blog of research and photographs of what he encounters on his walks, nearly seven years ago; by the film’s close, he is content to see no end in sight. A middle-aged minimalist, Green preserves his ambling lifestyle by crashing with friends and acquaintances, pet sitting, and living on $15 a day. Director-producer-editor Jeremy Workman, who also holds the camera during Green’s outings, includes perspectives that challenge Green’s own, such as ex-girlfriends who note Green’s resistance to future planning and a fellow walker who says, as a black man, he must think about how he presents himself in a way that Green, as a white man, does not. Still, Green’s openness to learning about himself and others by going out to notice and appreciate what most overlook—a crumbled landmark, an unexpected garden—is edifying.