The Wretched is a chilling and capable sophomore feature from Brett Pierce and Drew T. Pierce (Deadheads). Following Ben (John-Paul Howard), a rebellious teenage boy sent to live with his father after his parents’ separation, the movie lets viewers know something supernatural is afoot almost immediately. By the time Ben becomes suspicious, it’s revealed that a “skin-walking witch” from the woods, who moves from host to host by wearing their skin, is preying upon children. The fish-out-of-water trope paired with a gaggle of grown-ups unwilling to believe Ben calls to mind The Lost Boys. Similarly, The Wretched doesn’t rely heavily on visual scares—shots of the witch in her feral state, while startling, are sparse—and instead lets the protagonist’s increasing panic build fear. Unfortunately, that panic is fueled more by female sexuality than the presence of domestic violence. That aside, The Wretched is a solid choice if you’re looking for an attention-sustaining and polished production.