Constance is a 13-year-old whose astonishingly credible fusion of infantile and ersatz-adult qualities owes as much to actress Ellen Muth as writer-director James Ryan. She’s hysteric yet grounded, and when she embarks on a three-month stay with her father—on the day of her mother’s remarriage—their relationship is put to the test. Terry Kinney plays the father, a renowned photojournalist whose famous images of tragedy only incense Constance, who sees his failure to intervene in the events as a kind of complicity. The scenes between father and daughter are brilliant, but when she’s out of the picture, the dialogue suddenly becomes absurdly expository and full of desperate summaries of the themes: “The exposed life is not the examined life,” says Kinney to his editor and confidant, as if a lightbulb has just gone on in his head. With Mili Avital and Diane Venora. 90 min.