After the British defeat at Dunkirk, the film division of the UK’s Ministry of Information sets out to produce an inspirational drama for the home front, a task complicated by the evolving propaganda demands of the British war department and the U.S. government. Meanwhile, a young writer assigned to the project (Gemma Arterton) begins to pull away from her artist fiance (Jack Huston) and fall for her no-nonsense boss (Sam Claflin). The source novel, by Lissa Evans, bore the clever title Their Finest Hour and a Half, but someone must have decided that viewers were too ignorant to know the Churchill quotation it tweaks; in fact, the characters’ endless revision of the film within the film tends to heighten one’s awareness of the compromises that must have gone into the writing of this formulaic piece. The supporting cast includes such British treasures as Bill Nighy, Eddie Marsan, Jeremy Irons, and Richard E. Grant—too bad they aren’t the leads. Lone Scherfig (An Education) directed.