These Daughters of Mine

Two sisters—the older a bitchy TV star (Agata Kulesza), the younger a fragile underachiever (Gabriela Muskala)—lock horns after their mother is left comatose by a stroke and their father is diagnosed with a brain tumor. “No man wants a woman who always wears pants,” the father tells the older daughter, though in fact both women seem intent on jamming themselves into the same pair. There’s some decent poker-faced comedy in the early scenes, as the older sister brings in a spiritualist to assess the mother and the younger one persuades family members to be prayed over by a shaman as they lie on a mandala-decorated carpet. Once the father takes ill, though, this settles into more mundane family drama, with the obligatory taboo-smashing scene of the actress and her dad puffing on the same joint. Kinga Dębska directed her own script. In Polish with subtitles.