Things Heard & Seen plays like a mashup of The Amityville Horror and The Talented Mr. Ripley, revealing a man who’s just as haunted as the house he inhabits. Following George (James Norton) and Catherine’s (Amanda Seyfried) move from 1980s Manhattan to a remote town upstate, it doesn’t take long before Catherine senses a sinister darkness lurking in their old farmhouse but also in her marriage. Left alone to tend to the house and their daughter, she worries it’s just the isolation talking until the voices become too loud to ignore. Equally as frightening is the uptick in her husband’s shady behavior as he attempts to outrun his self-created demons. Eventually, the real demons get to him as well, and all hell breaks loose in this eerie period piece that makes a late-in-the-game pivot toward the rewards of sisterhood, leaving viewers wondering what, if any, bonds are worth blood.