Think Like a Man Too

I had a good time at this romantic comedy, a sequel to the 2012 hit Think Like a Man, though I can’t really recommend it as a movie. The filmmakers show no concern for continuity, not only from scene to scene but from shot to shot; one gets the impression this took about as long to edit as it does to watch. This time around the couples from the first film travel to Las Vegas, where two of them are getting married, and the men and women compete to see who can have a wilder weekend before the ceremony. Kevin Hart, a brilliant comic performer who hasn’t yet appeared in a narrative film worthy of his talent, is the main attraction, bringing gusto and spontaneous energy to the familiar material, though the other players—including Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Wendi McLendon-Covey, and Dennis Haysbert—are never less than charming. Tim Story directed.