Thirst Street

A New York flight attendant (Lindsay Burdge), traumatized by her boyfriend’s suicide, ventures into a strip club with some coworkers during a layover in Paris and falls for a charming lothario who tends bar (Damien Bonnard). Convinced that she’s found true love, she moves to France, waits tables at the club, and tightens her grip on the man as he tries to wriggle away. Nathan Silver, directing a script he cowrote with C. Mason Wells, sets the stage for supernatural horror—a tarot-card reader predicts the lovers’ first meeting, and after they sleep together the heroine contracts the Frenchman’s conjunctivitis—but the tone shifts to psychodrama as the man’s girlfriend, a touring rock musician, returns home to claim him and the spurned American woman begins stalking the couple. Essentially this is Fatal Attraction with the gender perspective reversed, which may constitute some sort of progress but hardly obviates the castration anxiety at the root of the story. In English and subtitled French.