After the miserable Terminator Salvation (2009), action director Joseph McGinty Nichol—that’s McG to you—returns to the formula of his Charlie’s Angels movies: easygoing comedy punctuated by acrobatic stunts, gun duels, and the like. Chris Pine and Tom Hardy are best-pal CIA agents who both fall for Reese Witherspoon and begin surveilling and sabotaging each other’s dates, backed by every high-tech resource our taxpayer dollars can provide (that’s the funniest aspect of the story, though McG won’t go near it). Pine, who expertly impersonated William Shatner in the Star Trek reboot, seems to have picked up some of the actor’s air of self-serious buffoonery, and it suits him well; as Witherspoon’s best pal, late-night TV comedian Chelsea Handler holds down what might be called the Nora Ephron part, dispensing an endless stream of bawdy man jokes.