Catalin Rotaru and Gabi Virginia Sarga’s breast-beating Romanian drama feels like a modern-dress version of Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People as filtered through the sensibility of fellow Romanian Cristian Mungiu. A dedicated but hotheaded doctor starts investigating his hospital’s practices after a child he operates on dies of septic shock; he discovers that the company that supplies Bucharest’s hospitals with disinfectant is purposely diluting the product to save money. As the doctor tries to expose the conspiracy, he encounters pushback from his hospital’s administration, the local news media, and eventually his own family. Rotaru and Sarga employ the sort of hyperrealist long-take aesthetic familiar from much 21st-century Romanian cinema, but this feels particularly like Mungiu’s work in its general humorlessness and thematic emphasis on pervasive corruption. Better directed than scripted, the film seriously overstates its moral conflicts and characterizations; Rotaru and Sarga strain for ambiguity by giving all the principal characters one positive and one negative trait each. In Romanian with subtitles.