The long partnership between French filmmakers Jean-Marie Straub and Daniele Huillet ended with the black-and-white short Itinerary of Jean Bricard (2008), which revolves around Cotton Island on the Loire River (quite literally—they spend the first 14 minutes shooting the wooded shoreline from the vantage point of a circling motorboat). In voice-over narration Bricard recalls his boyhood on the island, including its role in the anti-Nazi resistance (his uncle was executed by the Germans in 1944 for aiding U.S. forces); he also notes the subsequent ecological decay of the island and river, contributing to a sense that the home he once loved has receded in memory to a distant shore. Also screening are two shorts that Straub has completed since Huillet died of cancer in 2006: Artemis’ Knee (2008) and The Witches: Women Among Themselves (2009). In French and Italian with subtitles.