Hair flying, feet moving, the phenomenal Tina Turner has her triumph as well as her pain captured in HBO’s documentary, Tina. Over a half-century of dazzling performance footage from the superstar’s career works in tandem with Tina Turner and those close to her telling the story of how she rose to fame—twice—alongside the abuse she endured in her life at the hands of her ex-husband, the late Ike Turner. It’s not the first time Tina Turner has told her own story: She wrote a book, I, Tina, with journalist Kurt Loder and was also heavily involved in Tina: The Tina Turner Musical which she executive produced with her husband, Erwin Bach, and was first performed in 2018. But this documentary is another, and possibly final, way for the legend to close the hurtful chapters in her life. Tina Turner talks about the times she felt alone, ashamed, and afraid while sharing how she worked tirelessly to rebuild and reclaim her life, but, so that she doesn’t have to tell us again. It’s fitting closure for a woman who gave so much of her talent, and then her story, to the world.