Tip Top

Two French police officers from the internal affairs division—one a sadomasochist (Isabelle Huppert), the other a voyeur (Sandrine Kiberlain)—arrive in a northern town to investigate the suspicious death of an Algerian police informant and enter into a web of shady relationships between corrupt cops and the town’s immigrant enclave. Though rife with humor and intrigue, this 2013 French-Belgian coproduction can’t really be categorized as comedy or suspense; as in La France (2007), the previous directorial effort of French actor and critic Serge Bozon, a curious deadpan approach suggests several genres mashed together (there are also moments of poignant psychodrama and a bizarre song-and-dance number). The freewheeling narrative experimentation and cryptic social commentary recall 60s Godard, but the vibe is Bozon’s own. In French and Arabic with subtitles.