A mixed bag of recent shorts. Erica Peng’s Orange Juice and Knitting Needles is a tender meditation on the filmmaker’s aged grandparents, their six-decade-long marriage, and the Buddhist spirituality that infuses their everyday lives. Diana Logreira’s I’m the One Who Suffers but I’m Still the King is a sincere but amateurish documentary about a Colombian immigrant in New York who makes his living salsa dancing on the streets with a life-size female puppet. Adapted from a short story by surrealist writer Jose Pierre, Jenny McCracken’s Water From the Moon is a marionette piece about a laundress who finds a winged stranger in her closet. Also on the program: works by Thea St. Omer, Pearce Williams, Eileen Anastasia Reynolds, Monique Zavistovski, Cris Sequiera, and Kristin Solid. 90 min.