To Fool a Thief

This Argentinean take on the continental thriller doesn’t just wear its influences on its sleeve, it practically wears them on its forehead: one character parades around in a North by Northwest T-shirt, and when the protagonists are planning their big heist, they agree on Rififi as their operational template. The cat-burglar hero (Daniel Hendler, who looks terrific in a white dinner jacket) meets his match when the museum staffer he cons (Valeria Bertuccelli) turns out to be conning him; along with his comic-relief tech guy (Martin Piroyansky), they get roped into a scheme to steal a priceless bottle of wine. Director Ariel Winograd plays most of this for laughs but never allows them to subvert the silky intrigue he clearly cherishes from his 50s and 60s models; no one could call this 2013 feature original, but it’s highly entertaining. In Spanish with subtitles.