Tokyo Vampire Hotel

The latest provocation from Japanese director Sion Sono (Love Exposure) is an awkward theatrical cut of his nine-episode miniseries for Amazon Prime Japan, about ancient, warring clans of Japanese bloodsuckers. Set primarily in Tokyo in the year 2021, the narrative focuses on a trio of young vampires born when the planets aligned in 1999; empowered by Transylvanian blood, these “Draculas” are fated to overthrow the rival Corvins, who locked their kind underground in the 16th century and have ruled the earth ever since. The film is relentlessly violent and disgusting; I lost count early on of how many characters were shot point-blank in the head. Sono also revels in such campy cliches as a sugary-sweet Japanese woman who doubles as a merciless assassin. In Japanese with subtitles.