John Hawkes stars as an unorthodox private eye investigating a grisly murder in this timeless LA detective story (2015). Writer-director Dennis Hauck divides the action into five vignettes, presented in achronological order, that take place in a hillside park, a mobster’s mansion, a strip club and bar, a drive-in movie theater, and a hotel; each scene plays out in a single, uninterrupted take lasting the length of a 2,000-foot reel of grainy 35-millimeter film. The actors, particularly the soulful Hawkes and Vail Bloom as a suicidal mob wife, give exquisite performances, even when they’re trading lines that were meant to sound scripted. A stylized blend of classic film noir and New Hollywood pulp, this remarkable debut feature may grate on mainstream viewers with its affected drama and offbeat pacing, but cinephiles will be charmed. With Crystal Reed, Dichen Lachman, Robert Forster, and Rider Strong.