In this Spanish comedy set in 1973, written and directed by Pablo Berger, a struggling encyclopedia salesman (Javier Camara) is offered the opportunity to boost his earnings when his boss announces that the company’s next project will be “The Audiovisual Encyclopedia of Human Reproduction,” featuring sex films for Scandinavian subscribers. The salesman is thrilled until he discovers the catch: he has to perform in some of the films with his wife (Candela Peña) or lose his job. The cash-strapped couple reluctantly agree to participate, only to become the unwitting stars of Scandinavia’s porn circuit. Camara and Peña are perfectly cast as the bewildered couple, and early on Berger gets some laughs from the one-note premise. But the material grows increasingly stale as the film drags on to its unintentionally creepy finale. In Spanish and Danish with subtitles. 93 min.