Dana Nechushtan’s stylish psychological thriller (2000) opens with a gripping sequence in which a car carrying three men spins out of control in a darkened tunnel, flips over, and bursts into flames. Concisely edited, the scene rhythmically matches interior and exterior shots as the car swerves violently along a final stretch of pavement. Unfortunately the balance of this Danish release is less impressive, rendering in fragmented flashback the sad stories of the doomed passengers: an angry drifter (Yorick van Wageningen), a doctor from a wealthy family who falls in love with him (Roef Ragas), and a suicidal fellow (Franky Ribbens) grieving over the death of his father. The premise of these damaged, volatile men being thrown together is intriguing, but the disjunctive narrative sheds little light on why we should care about them. In Dutch with subtitles. 85 min.