An odd duck but an appealing one, this debut feature by young writer-director Paul Dalio updates the sanitarium romances of the 1960s (Frank Perry’s David and Lisa, Robert Rossen’s Lilith) with its story of two poets who bond over their shared bipolar disorder and marry against the counsel of their worried parents. Dalio named the movie after Kay Redfield Jamison’s nonfiction book exploring the link between manic depression and creativity, a subject of natural concern to the two artists (Katie Holmes, Luke Kirby). Jamison’s ideas often seem like a thesis draped over the story—she even appears in one scene, sitting down for coffee with the couple—but they add another vexing wrinkle to all the other problems facing the two lovers. As the young man, who’s gone off his meds, candidly admits to his wife and parents: “I want the mania.” With Bruce Altman, Christine Lahti, and Griffin Dunne.