A critics’ darling in Poland, this debut feature by writer-director Jagoda Szelc displays an ambitious, elusive sensibility, though its most striking attributes feel recycled from other movies. It depicts the reunion of an extended middle-class family at the countryside home of a thirtysomething woman and her husband. The couple has been raising the child of wife’s mentally ill sister, who arrives at the reunion after having not been seen for several years. Szelc charts the growing tension between the sisters obliquely; the film mostly shows the family interacting as a whole, forcing viewers to suss out on their own the dynamics between individual members. This compelling dramatic strategy—which makes the family seem like an amorphous single organism—brings to mind Lucrecia Martel’s La Ciénaga (2001) and Alice Rohrwacher’s The Wonders (2014); what’s missing is the other films’ humor and sympathy. Szelc’s outlook is so pessimistic and dark that this often feels like a horror film, and the oppressively spooky score and sound effects heighten this association. In Polish with subtitles.