Pixar by the numbers, this third and largely unnecessary sequel to Toy Story (1995) delivers everything you’d expect from the animation studio, minus the warmth, wit, and dread. Once again a group of sentient toys ponders whether they’ll continue to have value when their human owner outgrows them; the twist this time is that the owner is a five-year-old girl who’s beginning to show less interest in her store-bought toys than in a creature she’s made out of items she found in the trash. (In one of the more amusing running gags, the new “toy,” who comes to life upon being given an identity, keeps trying to return to the garbage when left to its own devices.) The Toy Story films display greater affection for objects than for people, and I guess it’s a credit to the filmmakers that they’ve managed to generate so much narrative interest from this anti-humanist premise; still, they seem to be overplaying their hand in trying to make garbage seem cute. Josh Cooley directed; the voice cast includes Tom Hanks, Annie Potts, Keanu Reeves, and Christina Hendricks.