For this much-hyped collaboration, TV comedian Amy Schumer and producer Judd Apatow stick closely to the formula of his megahit Bridesmaids (2011): a standard rom-com plot is studded with bawdy gags from a woman’s sexual perspective. Schumer’s script inverts the standard gender roles—she’s a commitment-phobic magazine writer who stumbles into a serious relationship with geeky sports doctor Bill Hader—and I guess it’s progress of a sort to see a comedy centered on a woman who (in contrast to Kristen Wiig of Bridesmaids) isn’t movie-star pretty. Some of the gags are quite funny; Schumer has a licentious turn of mind and a taste for physical comedy, especially in the sack. But the romance never clicks, and the story gradually wanders into Nia Vardalos territory, complete with a schmaltzy daddy-daughter relationship (featuring Colin Quinn) and a minutely choreographed public display of affection at the climax. Apatow directed, loading down the movie with star cameos, though Tilda Swinton blows everyone else off the screen with her ferocious performance as the heroine’s boss.