Triggered’s premise is stronger than its execution. The film follows nine high school friends reuniting on a camping trip in the woods for a raucous night of reminiscing. However, the group cannot keep the fun alive for long and soon wake up with suicide bombs locked on their chests. Each one has a different time on its countdown clock, all of which promise a gory and deadly explosion. But before hope is lost, they discover they can steal time by killing each other. Bolstered by a sense of survival, the group’s most ruthless come out swinging. Meanwhile, the more docile hope for a safer resolution, retreating further into the woods. Each kill reveals a different dark secret related to a former friend’s untimely death in high school. Fortunately for the viewers, none of these tropes-as-people are especially likable, leaving ample room to enjoy the high-intensity thrill ride at a base level.