The 2004 election that returned George W. Bush to the White House might have gone the other way had 60 Minutes not blown its high-profile investigation into the president’s spotty National Guard service during the Vietnam war. James Vanderbuilt, a successful screenwriter (Zodiac, The Amazing Spider-Man) making his directorial debut, chronicles the whole mess, in which producer Mary Mapes (Cate Blanchett) and on-air reporter Dan Rather (Robert Redford) presented damning memos from Bush’s commanding officer that were subsequently attacked as forgeries. Adapted from a book by Mapes, who was fired by CBS, the movie portrays her and Rather as well-meaning journalists whose corporate bosses caved when the network was targeted by right-wing bloggers, though Vanderbilt also acknowledges the sloppy reporting that ruined the story—not only for these TV big shots but for every other journalist trying to get the goods on the president. With Topher Grace, Dennis Quaid, Elisabeth Moss, Bruce Greenwood, and Stacy Keach.