This enjoyably deadpan Romanian comedy follows three village barflies—a bumbling auto mechanic (Dorian Boguta), a compulsive gambler (Dragos Bucur), and a conspiracy theorist (Alexandru Papadopol)—as they scramble to recover a winning lottery ticket that’s been stolen from them. The laughs build as the buddies search every floor of the mechanic’s apartment building for witnesses to the robbery, grilling a trio of stoners, some gypsy fortune tellers, a bespectacled dominatrix, and a self-composed little girl (whom Papadopol’s character insists “knows something”). A road trip to Bucharest to corner the thieves sets up even more daft encounters, though humor gives way to pathos en route. Director Paul Negoescu has created a good ensemble, integrating the finely tuned performances of his three professional leads with amusing walk-ons by amateur supporting players. In Romanian with subtitles.