The scenario is ripe for laughs: A person wins the lottery, only to have lost the ticket. In this 2016 Romanian buddy comedy-cum-caper, not just one, but three men do exactly that. Against all hope, the reserved Dinel (Dorian Boguță)—the de facto main character, who’s hoping to pay for his wife’s return from her job in Italy—hedonistic Sile (Dragoș Bucur, star of Police, Adjective), and buttoned-down, conspiracy theorist Pompiliu (Alexandru Papadopol) win the six-million-euro jackpot, only for Dinel to lose the ticket after being shaken down in his apartment building by some thick-necked ruffians. Perenially down on their luck, the friends attempt the find the thieves, first by going door-to-door in Dinel’s apartment building (encountering an assembly of stoners, fortune tellers, and sex workers along the way), then to Bucharest, where further hijinks ensue. Making his feature debut, writer-director Paul Negoescu (who adapted the story from a 1901 novel by Ion Luca Caragiale) trades in the droll, often dark humor that typifies the Romanian New Wave, though he also mocks the dourness that discerns the national cinema. His effort is amiable enough, but there are several off-color jokes, specifically of the anti-Semitic and woman-hating variety, with no recourse against those saying such things, that put a damper on the fun. In Romanian with subtitles.