Glossy, high-grade porn from onetime actor (Some Call It Loving), writer-producer (9<4 Weeks), and director Zalman King. A wealthy southern debutante (Sherilyn Fenn) about to be married decides to have a last fling with a muscular carnival worker (Richard Tyson): that’s about all the plot there is; the rest is well-shot and well-edited filler with Louise Fletcher, Burl Ives, Juanita Moore, and Kristy McNichol (the latter more actorly than usual), and trashy Muzak. Thematically, this has a lot to do with the sexiness of class difference and the hypocrisy of marriage and double standards, although, as often happens in porn, the “dream sequences” by the end make it hard to know what’s actually happening in terms of plot. But customers looking for photogenic flesh and passion, with a passing plug for safe sex thrown in, won’t have much cause for complaint.