France’s official Oscar submission is a moving testament to coming out and staying together. Two of Us, the feature debut from Filippo Meneghetti, follows two neighbors who have been in love with each other for decades. Nina (Barbara Sukowa) is excited for them to sell their apartments and finally live the rest of their lives out of hiding, but Madeleine (Martine Chevallier) is having trouble telling her children about the move—and her relationship with Nina. This conflict pushes them apart, but when an unexpected health crisis emerges, Nina has to figure out how to care for Madeline and stay in her life without being discovered by her daughter, Anne (Léa Drucker). Two of Us is a tear-jerker on paper, but it really comes alive in its performances. Sukowa, Chevallier, and Drucker are kinetic together, feeding off of each other’s love and desperation until it bubbles up out of control.