Written and directed by John Binder, this is a sweet-tempered, generous comedy on themes that usually get a snide, camp treatment, and it’s a pleasant surprise. The characters—Fred Ward as a western drifter who imagines he looks (and lives) like Waylon Jennings; Cindy Williams as a checkout girl whose born-again Christianity includes an equally passionate belief in UFOs; and Harry Dean Stanton as a tent-show religious hustler who occasionally performs a real miracle—expand in surprising ways, acquiring unexpected depth and dignity. Binder takes his time putting his plot components in place, circling around his characters and exploring the desert landscape, but his relaxed attitude is backed by a firm sense of narrative structure—he rambles with a purpose. The only blemishes are a slightly clunky visual style and some problems with making transitions, but the well-considered performances go a long way toward covering the rough spots. With Hank Worden and Harry Carey Jr.