Never was a city more aptly named than Uncertain, Texas—located on Caddo Lake at the Louisiana border, the little community (pop. 94) has been shrinking ever since the aquatic weed salvinia spread across the lake, choking off the fish and wildlife that sustain the economy. For this 2015 documentary, directors Ewan McNicol and Anna Sandilands spent a year and a half trailing three local characters, two of them older men wrestling with violent pasts and the third a hard-drinking young diabetic wondering if he has a future. The most interesting of them by far is Wayne, a middle-aged ex-convict and recovering addict who now channels all his energy into hunting wild boar with a single-shot powder rifle; the filmmakers follow him on numerous midnight expeditions to take down a giant beast called Mister Ed, but the real night terror turns out to be Wayne’s remorse for the crimes he’s committed.