A black general (Billy Dee Williams) eyeing the White House suddenly dumps his political aspirations and opens a fried-chicken chain. A top secret African-American-rights outfit suspects the Man is to blame and puts “Undercover Brother” (Eddie Griffin), with his razor-sharp Afro picks, on the case. Based on John Ridley’s animated Internet cartoon and written by Ridley and Michael McCullers, this send-up of 70s blaxploitation flicks mixes parody and social commentary to make larger points about the current state of American culture and race relations. The audience I saw the film with was almost choking with laughter. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee; with Chris Kattan, Aunjanue Ellis, Denise Richards, Chi McBride, David Chappelle, Gary Anthony Williams, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jack Noseworthy. 86 min.