“People still cross. They are undeterred.” Director Eva Lewis takes a unique approach to the national debate over immigration in the documentary Undeterred, which follows residents in an Arizona border town after a “temporary” border patrol checkpoint becomes seemingly permanent. The setting is Arivaca, Arizona, an unincorporated community just 11 miles north of the Mexico border. Border communities are often the forgotten voice in the conversation on immigration, but Undeterred shines thanks to its characters who are each compassionate everymen, people who just want their community back to normal. The film chronicles stories of detainments, unlawful searches, intimidation, profiling, deaths, and more as migrants cross from Mexico to the United States, all while Arivaca residents push back against the increasingly militarized police presence. The film remembers to celebrate the small wins too, ending with a message of hope despite its sometimes overwhelming bleakness. In English and Spanish with subtitles.