Katherine Heigl’s reputation as a Hollywood terror leads, inevitably, to her debut as a screen villain, aptly described by one character in this dull thriller as a “psycho Barbie” (carving knife not included). Heigl plays a divorced mother sharing custody of her school-age daughter with her ex-husband, a bland hunk who quit Merrill Lynch to pursue the new American dream of opening a microbrewery; the custody arrangement turns sour, however, once she meets his new girlfriend, a beautiful and accomplished professional woman played by Rosario Dawson. Heigl works overtime to humanize the resentful mom—her face is like an old-fashioned cash register with the prices popping up—but she’s more fun to watch as the story grows ugly and violent, and she unleashes the demon within. Veteran producer Denise Di Novi directed; with Geoff Stults and a faintly recognizable Cheryl Ladd.