Unfriended: Dark Web

Tired of watching cinema on your laptop? The Unfriended horror franchise allows you to watch your laptop in a cinema. Like the original low-budget hit (2014), this sequel unfolds entirely on a computer desktop, through video chats, cell phone imagery, text messages, social media posts, and a mysterious piece of Trojan horse software that transports the user up the River Styx. An extended Skype session, attended by a half dozen attractive young friends for the purpose of gaming, enables us to watch as writer-director Stephen Susco kills them off one by one, as in a slasher film (or perhaps, one should say, a crasher film, since the threat is heightened by the delay of tetchy programs shutting down and needing to reboot). The movie pushes the Windows idiom of modern cinema about as far as it will go, its narrative cleverness offset by the visual tedium of following a mouse arrow around for an hour and a half.