Films that address faith and love as eloquently as this moving 2008 documentary are rare. After the death in 2001 of Geshe Lama Konchog, one of the most revered modern Tibetan Buddhist masters, his grief-stricken disciple Tenzin Zopa begins a quest across Nepal, Tibet, and India in search of his teacher’s reincarnation. Open, warm, modest, compassionate, and at times endearingly funny, the young monk patiently treks from village to village, using dreams, omens, and rosary beads to identify promising candidates among the one-year-old to 18-month-old boys living there. In the process he gradually emerges from mourning, and by his journey’s happy end the ritual has also strengthened links between dispersed Tibetans. Israeli Nati Baratz directed, with clarity and a gossamer touch. In English and subtitled Tibetan. 105 min.