Juan Solanas’s digital fantasy takes place on twinned planets whose “double gravity” holds them in such close proximity that people can climb from one to the other; these opposite worlds are divided between the upper and lower classes, which occasions a drippy Romeo and Juliet romance between a disadvantaged Jim Sturgess and a privileged Kirsten Dunst. In school, we all learned that gravitation was the pull of a larger object upon a smaller, though in Solanas’s case the irresistible pull seems to be whatever gag he’s got at the moment (as the lovebirds dine out on the finer planet, martinis have to be sipped from upside-down glasses, and when Sturgess goes into the bathroom to urinate, it winds up on the ceiling). Timothy Spall enlivens this as a crafty engineer in the corporation where Dunst and Sturgess work, but they’re all just props in a dream whose logic hasn’t been quite worked out.