Elevated by its wild video art, weighed down by its tiresome comedy, this horror fantasy by Lindsay Denniberg manages to conjure an original vision despite regurgitating many of the ideas and images of older movies. An eye-rolling video clerk (Priscilla McEver) falls for a mugging, perpetually quipping indie boy (Chris Shields, insufferable) but can’t reveal her deep, dark secret: she belongs to an ancient race of women, each of whom preserves her immortality by killing a man at every full moon. Denniberg incorporates footage from various horror standbys (Nosferatu, Carnival of Souls, Night of the Living Dead) and pays copious tribute to silent goddess Louise Brooks (whose Diary of a Lost Girl is referenced in the title). But as Denniberg has explained on a fund-raising website, her more proximate influences are the tongue-in-cheek dreamworlds of David Lynch, Guy Maddin, and David Cronenberg.