Cecilia Dougherty, a video and mixed-media artist who lives in New York and Dublin, will present three lesbian-themed pieces and three excerpts from longer works. Of the former, the most lucid is My Failure to Assimilate (1995), which focuses on identity disturbances. Several women speak of disruption and dissociation (“I would sort of float up out of my body”), while jagged editing adds to the feeling of disorientation. In Laurie (1998) writer Laurie Weeks appears a bit disheveled as words from her writing (“The taste of blood in my throat . . . this was love”) appear on-screen one or two at a time, her thoughts disconnected from one another. Excerpts include the opening of Grapefruit (1989), in which Susie Bright appears as John Lennon playing and singing a gentle “Hey Jude,” and Joe-Joe (1993), in which gay British playwright Joe Orton is played by two women—and his female agent by a man. The screening will run about 70 minutes.