Video artist Edward Rankus combines a playful fascination with the strange and fantastic and a serious philosophical interest in the way the human brain processes images. The earliest of the four works on this program, Naked Doom (1983, 17 min.) is a nonnarrative film noir that mixes the visual conventions of the genre (ominous shadows, silhouettes in darkened doorways) with abstract images (a table floating in space) to produce a vision of haunted, delicate beauty. She Heard Voices (1986, 11 min.), which takes its inspiration and some enigmatic titles from the art and writing of Max Ernst, concerns a sleeping woman who awakens into a surreal dream state—she opens a basement fuse box shot in black and white to reveal tree branches in color. Also showing: Nerve Language (1995, 10 min.) and a new work, Go Fall Apart (20 min.). Rankus will attend the screening. 58 min.